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reel editing

Carol Todd Media offers a range of video editing services. With a strong sense of dynamic pacing and a great eye for smoothly eliminating dead air and problematic moments in your most challenging footage, Carol will make you the star of every clip. She works quickly, but with great attention to timing and detail including basic color correction, musical scoring and audio balancing. 

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actor reels
Actor Reels

the actor demo

The gold standard in actor demo reels. Package includes single demo reel edit with evaluation of between 2 and 6 separate pieces of footage, initial reel proposal, 2 rounds of tweaks, and final file delivery.

1 Reel: $299

Additional pieces of footage submitted for evaluation beyond first 6...$25 each

the split package

Package includes separate comedy and drama reel edits with evaluation of up to 12 separate pieces of footage, initial proposals for each reel, 2 rounds of tweaks for each reel, and final file delivery.